Saturday, 17 January 2015

bicara hatiku...

2015 dah sampai dah pun
aku takdak rasa happy sangat because it's just another day..
umur meningkat,kubur makin dekat...kan? takut gak ek.

baru baru ni a few states in Malaysia mostly in east coast dilanda banjir. Kalau tak silap this is the worst yang pernah melanda Malaysia sejak 5 dekad yang lalu (kalau tak silap aku la) 

so I went through some photos about the terrible flood. tears streamed down on my face bila tengok rumah rumah depa,bangunan semua,i could say eighty percent teruk la. not to mention depa yang TAKDAK RUMAH DAH. Allahu..sedih sungguh. Tu yang masuk paper. How about yang tak masuk paper? Mungkin habuk pun tadak. Takleh bayang noh. Rumah yang dibina bertahun dahulu,yang penuh dengan kenangan dengan family depa,musnah macamtu saja. 

Fikir balik,cuba tengok keadaan aku sekarang macam mana. Bumbung rumah ada lagi. Makanan ada. Berlungguk. Baju. Yang tak terpakai sangat banyak. Kita kat sini dok fikir 'Breakfast nak makan apa tah. Lunch nanti restoran mana yang elok? Malam nanti burger nak dak?' padahal depa kat sana sedang berfikir 'Harini kita dapat makan ka dak..' Sedih kan.

Aku kat sini dok goyang kaki. Pakai earphone,bukak youtube,dengar lagu sampai tak ingat dunia. Stay up malam malam tengok anime,gelak terbahak bahak. Najwa...najwa....teruk gak aku ni. 

Jadi,memandangkan aku dah nak pindah dah, (aku akan pindah pi Bangi late in January) aku nak kemaih bilik. of course la. sapa ja yang tak kemaih bilik. Baju baju aku yang tak terpakai semua,aku ingat nak donate la. Banyak sangat. Lebih sekotak baju yang tak guna. Beli ja seronok. Pakai tamau. Aku teringin nak donate dalam bentuk wang ringgit,tapi apakah daya. Saving pun tadak. Nak volunteer gak pi negeri negeri pantai timur. sepatutnya aku volunteer awai awai lagi. la ni tak sempat dah.aku busy,kemaih rumah sebab nak pindah,sekolah lagi,haih. rugi...rugi....

So hampa sapa sapa yang rasa rasa mampu untuk bantu,bantulah. Tak rugi pun. Dapat pahala banyak. 

Ok lah. Aku dok beletiaq kat sini pun tak bawa faedah sangat pun. 

Sunday, 7 December 2014


'' stop hoping for something and never expect from anything ''

I disagree with the statement 100%. We can always hope for something and expect from anything but keep it real and realistic.


you always know what to do,
you always know what to say,
you always know,
how to take my heart away,
it is not as it seems,
the cliche' lines,
 and the scenes,
everything I did is effecting me,
what should I do?
what should I be?
tell me what's what,
and what is reality?
I'm trapped and far,
somewhere so dark,
a huge distance right from where you are.
it is time to leave,
it is time to go,
I killed myself.
Not just me but all myself that I thought I know.

or knew

Sunday, 30 November 2014


You don't know how much I love December. It's the month of Christmas!! Woohoo!  *slapsmythigh* just kiddin'. I don't celebrate Christmas because I'm a Muslim.

December is the month where my crush,Junsu was born. Yep. Above all,December is also the month where I was born! Yeay! Pretty sad I couldn't celebrate my birthday with my best friends *wipe tears*. But it's okay. I have my family. I have my mom,my dad and my sisters. They are the backbone of where I am right now. Not saying that I'm a successful person. Just stating that I'm glad they're still by my side,facing all of my shitty attitudes,bearing all my mistreats towards them. Not pointing fingers to any of you.What? What am I saying? I don't even know. Ignore me,midgets! Muahah!  

December. I think it would be a hectic month for me as I was busy with tuition classes,holidays (yay!) with my family and all kind of stuff. You name it. Haha. The tuition had started yesterday. I wasn't pretty bad as I thought it would be. The experienced teachers there are kinda cool which make all the students interested to be there longer. Dang it. I suck in giving explanations. 

Well,that's all for today. I gotta go to tuition class at 11 a.m.
Have a great day,everyone!
Peace be upon you. 

here,listen. I mean, READ

I've been thinking about blogging again (I have a few blogs in the past) since the past few months. I think its fun to type and blab here even though I know that people will not notice the existence of my blog haha! Anyway,let's hope that I'll keep my blog updated (even though some of you don't want to. Just do it!) Alright? Haha. Bye guys. It's really fun communicating with you through blog. Hold on a sec. What's that one word that we usually use to describe something that's...overwhelming?  Mainstream? Is that true? What? No. I don't know. What? Yeah. God.

Friday, 10 October 2014

What I've been wanting to say

*this picture has nothing to do with the post ok*

So recently I've been scrolling my twitter timeline to see what's 'hot' or hot gossips being shared on twitter. But I see nothing. All I see is people complaining about how ugly they look,how shitty their life is,how idiot they look when they talk and some of them use twitter as a medium to release their tension by tweeting cursive,mean and harsh words. Which is slightly inappropriate to be read. 
'pegi mampos'
'you asshole you don't deserve to live'
to the person who tweeted those kind of stuff,did you know that someone might get offended? have you ever wondered about the feelings that will be hurt? have you ever considered the fact that the 'asshole' you tweeted about,has been through a lot of disappointing moments in her life? And then all of a sudden,she changed. She came back a completely different person. With a new mindset,a new outlook,a new soul. A girl that once cared way too much,about everyone and everything,no longer cared at all. So,before it gets worse,stop. Seriously. I can't stop you. Only you can stop yourself. 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Current Addiction

October is finally here,guys. I'm saaaa happy for no reasons. I have to bear another month of school then I'll be free. I'm spending the remnants of this school holidays by watching videos,watching videos and watching videos. No books. Not studying. Mhm.. good. Clever Naj. Here I want to introduce you to some of my favourite youtubers.

1. Firstly,Pewdiepie ((Felix Kjellberg)). He never fails to make me laugh. I laugh in tears watching his videos. (('laugh in tears')) balik rumah bukak dictionary kenapa bahasa aku pelik semacam. 

YOU LOOK SOOOOO FINE PEWDS. That's why I choose to be a bro. *brofist*

2. Joe Sugg (search Thatcherjoe). He is really attractive and incredible in singing which make me fall for him even more! His sister,Zoella is a youtuber too!! You guys have have have to check him out on youtube and give me a feedback about him! 
    no he's not a singer. sorry I couldn't choose a proper photo of him cuz I sucks in almost everything.

3. HERE'S TO THE ONE WHO STOLE MY HEART SINCE 2012,CASPAR LEE ((his name has haunted him the entire life)) Idk why he is named Caspar but I think it's cute. Bslcamsokjdnaijr. Caspar is friggin funny. Maan,I couldn't describe him properly so I'll just show you some photos of him.

you can tell he's funny just by looking at this picture,ain't? HAHAH! 

So,will you check them out on youtube?
It's your choice. 
Have a happy day,reader (s)!