Friday, 10 October 2014

What I've been wanting to say

*this picture has nothing to do with the post ok*

So recently I've been scrolling my twitter timeline to see what's 'hot' or hot gossips being shared on twitter. But I see nothing. All I see is people complaining about how ugly they look,how shitty their life is,how idiot they look when they talk and some of them use twitter as a medium to release their tension by tweeting cursive,mean and harsh words. Which is slightly inappropriate to be read. 
'pegi mampos'
'you asshole you don't deserve to live'
to the person who tweeted those kind of stuff,did you know that someone might get offended? have you ever wondered about the feelings that will be hurt? have you ever considered the fact that the 'asshole' you tweeted about,has been through a lot of disappointing moments in her life? And then all of a sudden,she changed. She came back a completely different person. With a new mindset,a new outlook,a new soul. A girl that once cared way too much,about everyone and everything,no longer cared at all. So,before it gets worse,stop. Seriously. I can't stop you. Only you can stop yourself. 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Current Addiction

October is finally here,guys. I'm saaaa happy for no reasons. I have to bear another month of school then I'll be free. I'm spending the remnants of this school holidays by watching videos,watching videos and watching videos. No books. Not studying. Mhm.. good. Clever Naj. Here I want to introduce you to some of my favourite youtubers.

1. Firstly,Pewdiepie ((Felix Kjellberg)). He never fails to make me laugh. I laugh in tears watching his videos. (('laugh in tears')) balik rumah bukak dictionary kenapa bahasa aku pelik semacam. 

YOU LOOK SOOOOO FINE PEWDS. That's why I choose to be a bro. *brofist*

2. Joe Sugg (search Thatcherjoe). He is really attractive and incredible in singing which make me fall for him even more! His sister,Zoella is a youtuber too!! You guys have have have to check him out on youtube and give me a feedback about him! 
    no he's not a singer. sorry I couldn't choose a proper photo of him cuz I sucks in almost everything.

3. HERE'S TO THE ONE WHO STOLE MY HEART SINCE 2012,CASPAR LEE ((his name has haunted him the entire life)) Idk why he is named Caspar but I think it's cute. Bslcamsokjdnaijr. Caspar is friggin funny. Maan,I couldn't describe him properly so I'll just show you some photos of him.

you can tell he's funny just by looking at this picture,ain't? HAHAH! 

So,will you check them out on youtube?
It's your choice. 
Have a happy day,reader (s)!