Sunday, 30 November 2014


You don't know how much I love December. It's the month of Christmas!! Woohoo!  *slapsmythigh* just kiddin'. I don't celebrate Christmas because I'm a Muslim.

December is the month where my crush,Junsu was born. Yep. Above all,December is also the month where I was born! Yeay! Pretty sad I couldn't celebrate my birthday with my best friends *wipe tears*. But it's okay. I have my family. I have my mom,my dad and my sisters. They are the backbone of where I am right now. Not saying that I'm a successful person. Just stating that I'm glad they're still by my side,facing all of my shitty attitudes,bearing all my mistreats towards them. Not pointing fingers to any of you.What? What am I saying? I don't even know. Ignore me,midgets! Muahah!  

December. I think it would be a hectic month for me as I was busy with tuition classes,holidays (yay!) with my family and all kind of stuff. You name it. Haha. The tuition had started yesterday. I wasn't pretty bad as I thought it would be. The experienced teachers there are kinda cool which make all the students interested to be there longer. Dang it. I suck in giving explanations. 

Well,that's all for today. I gotta go to tuition class at 11 a.m.
Have a great day,everyone!
Peace be upon you. 

here,listen. I mean, READ

I've been thinking about blogging again (I have a few blogs in the past) since the past few months. I think its fun to type and blab here even though I know that people will not notice the existence of my blog haha! Anyway,let's hope that I'll keep my blog updated (even though some of you don't want to. Just do it!) Alright? Haha. Bye guys. It's really fun communicating with you through blog. Hold on a sec. What's that one word that we usually use to describe something that's...overwhelming?  Mainstream? Is that true? What? No. I don't know. What? Yeah. God.