Saturday, 13 September 2014

Friday, 12 September 2014

10 facts about me

Decided to write my '10 Facts about Me' on my blog because it seems much more easier than posting it on instagram because some of you don't really wanna know me hahah.

1) I was born on December 9th in 1998 which makes me a Sagittarius!

2) I don't like sleeping in the dark. Alone. Don't turn off the lights unless you like the pain of being knocked down. 

3) I have flaws. Promise. 

4) I'm not good at sports. I don't run track. My movements are tremendously slow. I remembered the moment where I was listed for finals in 400m. I was scared as shit I couldn't focus in class the entire week before the competition started. And when the day came,I cried a river. I was never this scared before plus the competitors were...athletes? I was the only friggin 'un'athlete which makes me even more scared. But then I thought,should I run with my eyes closed or pretended that I sprinted my legs? NAH. The only thing which is needed at that moment is self confidence. POOH! And guess what? I came as the 4th place woohooo (2nd last okay. It wasn't bad after all).

5) I like musics. My current favorite songs are Sky Full of Stars,The Scientist and Ink by Coldplay. (All Time Low isn't bad too!)

6) I never been in any serious relationship before. Psst,I had a crush on someone :p and it's for me to know and for you to find out. 

7) I have changed my spectacles for a total of 7 times in just three years! Hahah u kno y? One of them fell into the lubang jamban ((english dia aku tatau)) when I was staying in the hostel. I was so frustrated I flushed the toilet instead of taking out my specs from 'the hole of fragrant'. The second one was because of my sister. She accidentally stepped on my specs. I didn't put on my specs at the moment. I put it aside because my eyeballs were itchy. As a result,the specs were broken into two which makes me infuriated the whole week suffering of sore eyes. The third until the sixth I couldn't remember what happened to them. Sadz. Sobs. *a moment of silence please* The seventh was it was my own decision to change my specs because I got money and...I guess I don't know what to do with it? Fools.  

8) I couldn't survive a day without eating fruits (I'm telling the truth).

9) I have great friends! But I don't know how to entertain them. 

10) If you like me,let me know. I don't bite. 
      ('if' la kan) saja menggedik.

11) I like like like like like cats. I had a pet cat before named after my late grandmas' cat, Manis. 
     He died on 17th April (the day of Carnival Relay) which made me suffered (does that word exist?        idc) of fever for a few days. Sigh. Missing my late cat. 

12) And yes I know it has reached 12. You can't tell me what to do,mayn! 

So those are some silly facts about me. Bye!